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Helix Jewelry

Triple helix piercing is usually done with the help of a curved needle just like the normal helix piercings.

These piercings are located on the outer edge of the ear so the helix jewellery is placed either at the top of the ear or at the middle which is also called auricle piercings. There is a wide range of triple helix piercing jewellery available in the market ranging from simple bars to the most fashionable and fancy earrings. It is completely up to the choice of the customer and capacity to endure pain at first in order to make a choice.

Helix JewelryHelix Jewelry

Triple helix piercing or double helix piercings can be decorated with a variety of jewellery with various shapes, colours and sizes. The triple helix piercing jewellery also consist of jewels and embedded gems or custom made as per the customer’s choice.

A few common types of triple helix piercing jewellery include captive bead ring, labret studs, barbells and microdermals.

Labret studs

A labret stud has a straight rod which has a jewel attached in one end and a flat disc on the other end.

Captive ring

A captive ring is a metal ring which is connected by a single bead or a straight bar at its ends. The captive ring connected with a straight bar looks fully circular unlike the other.


A microdermal looks like small inserts in the ear and normally it is worn on the top of the helix. Microdermals give a very simple yet decent look.


A barbell is used to decorate the triple helix piercings. Barbell has a single rod with beads connected to the both ends with various shapes. Barbells come in curved shape, semi-circular, fully circular shape and also in a horseshoe shape.

Healing time and costs

Generally a double helix piercing or a triple helix piercing takes about 6 month to heal properly and completely. But most of the people say that by taking good care of the piercing without usual touching, the piercing gets cured within a few weeks.

Pricing of the piercings vary depending on the number of piercings that is done. Generally a single helix piercing costs about $20. So, if you are going to get a double helix piercing done then it will cost you $40 and it will cost $60 for a triple helix piercing. This is just the approximate minimum costs that will be incurred. Many professional piercers even charge in the range of $100-$200 depending on various factors.