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Industrial Piercing

The complete process of Industrial body piercing

Industrial piercing is a pair of piercing connected by the jewellery usually on the upper ear cartilage. Finding the industrial piercing isn’t very tough task, there are simple steps involved in industrial piercing.

Industrial PiercingIndustrial Piercing

Looking for the right piercer

Start with the search for the best piercer, there are lots of people who offer such piercing at their place but not everyone can be good. Hygiene and safety should be the major areas that must be taken into consideration. The process of searching can be started by looking at the newspaper, internet search etc. everyone has a friend who is very piercing crazy. These people are the best guidance and will tell you the best place for piercing. Industrial ear piercing must be done very cautiously with the help of right equipments and technique. The piercer must wear the gloves after washing the hands and then proceed with the piercing.


After the first piercing the piercer will carefully analyze the point where your jewellery will best align. It is advised that you must have a pain killer to avoid the pain. Industrial piercing needs equal amount of care after the piercing is done. Regardless of how many pain killers you consume be ready to persist certain amount of pain which will go with time. The cleanliness and hygiene is important even after the piercing you should regularly clean it using anti-bacterial lotion and cloth. You should be very attentive while bathing and applying shampoo. Shampoo or soap shouldn’t come in contact with the piercing part directly or indirectly. These products can lead to infection and will increase your problems to an extent where you might have to get rid of the industrial piercing.

Cost and Jewellery

The cost of industrial piercing is more compared to other piercings as it involves lots of techniques and equipments. Also, not every piercer is capable enough to do industrial piercing it requires certain experience and skill which comes with the cost. One needs to spend approximately 50 dollars to get the industrial piercing done. Choose the best jewellery for your piercing as it was the reason you choose to do it. Many piercers also have the good range of jewellery that you can buy from them. Choose the one which compliments your personality and you can easily carry them. Industrial strength body jewellery should be of light weight so that your ears do not get tired. Industrial piercing is very smart and elegant; all you should know is to carry it well.