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Rook Piercing

In ancient times, piercing was considered as a part of religious tradition especially in Africa and some parts of Asia but in recent times, it has become a style statement. Piercing was considered for women in most of the traditions.

The most popular piercing is ear lobe piercing but there is other types of piercing also available. One of these is rook ear piercing which is done on the upper part of the ear (antihelix), which is the thickest part of the ear. Not everyone is able to bear the rook piercing pain as it takes time to heal. Rook jewelry is a little different and depends on person to person so should be bought only after the rook piercings are done. Pain is definitely a factor, which prevents people from getting this done but rook ear piercing looks very stylish and gives an attractive look to the ears. There are several types of rook earrings in the market. After getting piercing done one must take a ring rook earring rather than buying a rook stud.

Rook PiercingRook Piercing

The piercing should be done by experienced piercers, as there is a lot of chance of infection if done if by an amateur. The areas of the holes are marked before the piercing is done. Generally, the piercers use 14g to 16g needle to do the piercing. Rook earrings can be bought from the piercing parlors and should be of good quality as lower quality rook piercing jewelry can cause an infection, which is very painful, and one will has to visit a doctor to take out the earring.

Once the piercing is done one should soak it with warm salt water. The salt water softens any dried lymph and cleans up the rook. The warm water also ensures blood circulation around the ear, which helps in healing. The rook piercing jewelry should not be changed at least for the first two months. One should take proper care as improper care and carelessness can lead to infections as well.

As evident, rook piercing is painful and it requires lot of care to be taken but it adds a style statement to the personality. As we say ‘No Pain, No Gain’ as this pain lets, you gain an added style and looks to your personality. So next time when you think of getting a piercing done you can always consider rook piercing as an option.